SEEDPLAN is a collection of tools that aids breeders and deployers to optimise decisions associated with tree and plant improvement programs. The tools are largely integrated with DATAPLAN, the TBA’s web based data management system for genetic evaluation using TREEPLAN. 

Tools include: 

Who uses SEEDPLAN? 

TBA Breeders use MATE to optimise their annual crossing programs (collect pollen, determine crosses, etc) while considering what is available, what has been crossed already and any other constraints such as managing inbreeding and genetic diversity across generations. 

Seed producers and orchard managers will use SELECT and DESIGN to identify suitable genetic material and to design and manage orchards for gain.  

All breeders and deployers should use INDEX to quantify the economic worth of using the genetic material for their specific purposes.  

Why use SEEDPLAN? 

TBA use economic weights and profit indices for ranking and selection of genetic material for use in breeding and deployment.  National databases (in DATAPLAN) include pedigree information and millions of data records on a range of traits measured on several hundred thousand trees in field trials for each species.   

Industry wide genetic evaluation of this data (TREEPLAN) provides breeding and other genetic values for commercially important traits, using a comprehensive multi-variate analysis across generations, years, sites and traits.   

Optimisation tools are needed to package this genetic and economic knowledge in order to strategically match genetic material to particular production environments and processing systems.  

SEEDPLAN software will be used to guide decision making in seed orchards and nurseries, better matching trees to industry requirements.  Biological and genetic constraints need to be simultaneously considered, while maximising gain for defined deployment objectives.